Take a culinary journey to the heart of France with Django’s Restaurant Week menu dedicated to a titan of French cuisine.

Paul Bocuse is one of the leading figures of French gastronomy. From his spin on classic regional cuisine at his acclaimed restaurants to the legions of culinary minds that he inspired, Bocuse left an indelible mark on our industry and the world.

Join us in celebrating the life and legacy of Paul Bocuse, an ambassador of French cuisine, and indulge in these dishes inspired by him. À bientôt!

$80 per person / Optional wine pairings (+$40)

Soupe aux truffes Élysée / Black truffle, foie gras, matignon, puff pastry

Grenouilles à la Lyonnaise / Sautéed frog’s leg with petit salad lyonnaise

Canard aux Pêches / Roasted duck breast, apple-ginger purée, sauce sangria, roasted peaches and endive

Fromage / Old Chatham Three milks gouda, bruléed stone fruit