Django’s Restaurant Week menu showcases recipes from the fourth edition (1921) of Escoffier’s book Le Guide Culinaire. This historic work was written not for the home cook, but for professional use – significantly, the book features the first mention of the now classic dish “steak tartare” (a variation of a dish called “Beefsteak a l’Americaine”). Now seen as a representation of “classic” French cuisine, the recipes and techniques were actually considered “new” at the time; as the modern kitchen was evolving, Escoffier acknowledged the old cuisine of Marie-Antoine Careme while updating it for the changing cultural and dining environment.


Lunch for two (choice of below) including fountain beverage.

  • Le Royale with Cheeseand choice of side
  • Croque Madamewith choice of side
  • Macaroni Gratin
  • Chicken Paillardwith petite salad
  • Crepewith petite salad



Beef Tartar– raw beef, sauce tartar, caper, onion and parsley


Crayfish Bisque

Third (choice of):

Coulibiac of Salmon– rice, onion, mushroom and egg cooked in pastry

Beefsteak a la Russe– chopped steak and fried egg with demi glace

Fourth (optional, +$5):

Peach Melba– poached peaches, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce