1) Locally Grown Shitake Mushroom Tempura

Soy Caramel / Scallion


2) Heirloom Summer Tomatoes Seasoned with White Soy Shiso

Smoked Tofu / Pickled Plum


Japanese Eggplant Brushed with Brown Butter Tare

Popped Quinoa / Garlic Chives / Pickled Honshemeji


3) Scallops Hues of Summer Gold Peaches

Golden Beets / Sungower


Heritage Chicken Thigh Karaage

Koji Corn / Pickled Cherry Tomato / Lovage


Wild Chanterelle Congee

Marinated Summer Squash / Nasturtium / Mushroom Chips

Add Wagyu Ribeye $13


4) Yuzu Merengue Pie

Blueberry + Basil Seed / Fortune Cookie / Torched Yuzu Kosho


Summer Peach Poached in Jasmine Tea

Olive Oil Mochi / Local Cream / Buckwheat Streusel