Dinner Menu

1st Course: (one per person)

Naan & Garbanzo Beans
Grimm Family Farm garbanzo bean spread, shaved summer vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil

Fried Squash
Chickpea-battered summer squash, shaved carrots, greens and aged balsamic vinaigrette

2nd Course: (one per person)

Berkwood Farms Pork Schnitzel

Spaetzle, summer vegetables and HoQ gravy

Sea Scallops
Wild caught scallops, French lentils ragout with local oyster mushrooms and Lee’s Green heirloom tomatoes and local butter

Rice & lentils crepes, spiced summer squash & potatoes, sautéed greens and butter sauce (Can be vegan)

3rd Course (one dessert to share):

Dessert of the day