Something old and something new—that’s what you’ll find on Alba’s Restaurant Week menu, thanks to recently promoted executive chef Matt Small. This year’s lineup includes a couple of fan favorites—the gnocchi (pictured) and molten chocolate lava cake. “The gnocchi are little seared pillows of soft, caramelized, cloud-like potatoes and cheese coated in a rich but bright crème fraîche sauce,” says general manager Garrett Dotsch. “And the buttermilk ice cream-topped lava cake is overly rich and indulgent with a super gooey filling and crisp edges.”

New to the scene: Small’s corn and roasted beet tostada made with an heirloom variety of corn called conico azul sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico. They make the tortilla from kernel to masa, “which has unfortunately become something of a lost art,” Small says.

–Karla Walsh

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