Peach Panzanella
With Blueberry-Prosecco Vinaigrette

Situated along the main street of the Valley Junction Farmers Market, this bistro and wine bar recently opened a new patio out back. And when it’s nice out, the owners can pull up the garage door-style window near the entrance to bring a bonus breath of fresh air into the historic space. So it only stands to reason that chef Andrew Phelps is all about seasonal ingredients for his Restaurant Week menu. Fresh melon, mint and Iowa corn are featured in an appetizer and an entree. A standout for all things summer is the panzanella, a play on a classic bread salad from Italy with juicy peaches and more traditional tomatoes. It also includes what Phelps calls “the Ferrari of mozzarella cheese,” fresh burrata. The final flourish is an ultra-appropriate vinaigrette for Vino 209, as it starts with a splash of Italian sparkling wine that’s then mixed with simmered blueberries, balsamic, fresh herbs and olive oil.

–Karla Walsh

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