Executive Chef Andrew Phelps


House Chicken Salad

South Union Foccacia – Lettuce – Heirloom Tomato

Fresh Corn Salad

Iowa Corn – Garden Basil – Shallot

Blood Orange Sorbet

Dinner – $28

3 Course Meal – Select One From Each Course

Glass of Vino209 House wine


Burrata Bruschetta

Blistered Tomato – whipped burrata – house pesto

Meat & Cheese Board

LaQuercia Meats – local and international cheeses

Main Course (Choose 1)

Bistro Chuck Tenderloin Steak Sandwich

Foccacia – Balsamic Red Onion – Frisee lettuce – tomato – roasted garlic aioli served with a panzanella salad

Iowa Pork Green Chili

Berkwood Pork – cilantro rice – tortilla

Dessert (choose 1)

New York Raspberry Cheesecake

Blood Orange Sorbet

Summerberry Strawberry Stack