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Business Publications Corporation Inc. (BPC) is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only process your personal data in the manner and purpose for which we collect it, for the purposes you later authorize, or as outlined here.

We are committed to using third-party vendors who also comply with these rules and are also committed to protecting your privacy. Both BPC and our contracted vendors will maintain reasonable procedures to help ensure that personal data we collect and use is reliable for its intended use and is accurate, complete and current. If your data is transferred to any third-party vendor we hire, it is limited to the express use for BPC and not for any of those vendors’ use or for their resale to other entities.

Acceptable uses by BPC may include follow-up contacts regarding a purchase you’ve made with us, further information & limited use on a BPC event to which you’ve registered by BPC or one of the event sponsors and inclusion on targeted electronic newsletters pertaining to topics of interest.

All subscription lists — both for print publications and electronic newsletters — are the sole property of BPC and are not resold for any external use.

You have the right to change or delete information we have on file for you. Requests should be made through circulation@bpcdm.com or by calling 515.288.3338, extension 201. For email correspondence, use the unsubscribe mechanism built-in at the bottom of each message.

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